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Being bullied can feel like a relentless storm of imminent danger.

The Peace Builders committee from the Rotary Club of Seaside have worked with Seaside School District and the Seaside Police Department to create BullyFree Zones around the city. These locations are intended to be a safe harbor from the storm, a place of temporary respite while the student calls and/or waits for for a parent or friend.

Businesses & organizations who participate in this program must follow a few simple rules:

PUBLIC PLACE TO WAIT: Students may stop into your business while they wait &/or call for a parent or friend. Please offer the student a public place to wait. For the protection of everyone involved, at no time is a student to be placed in an area out of the public view.

PHONE CALL TO POLICE UPON ARRIVAL: Chief Dave Ham & the Seaside Police Department want to know about bullying activities, and have asked to be notified when a student utilizes a designated Bully-Free Zone. Call the nonemergency SPD phone number (503-738-6311) upon arrival of the student to your business. In some cases, an officer may stop by for a visit with the student.

PHONE CALL TO POLICE UPON DEPARTURE: Businesses are only offering a safe place to pause, and are not responsible to make sure the student leaves with a legal guardian. Once the student leaves your business, please make a second phone call to SPD, using the non-emergency number, to let them know when the student left.

Thank you for helping us make a stand against bullying. With your help, we hope to make Seaside, Oregon a Bully-Free community!

Seaside Rotary Peace Builders Committee Co-Chairs

Veronica Russell (503-739-0280)
Alan Evans (503-440-9357)

Download Bully-FreeZoneAgreement for your business